Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Tiniest Guard Dog

Our neighbour Cloë is but a couple of months old but managed to prevent a burglary a few weeks ago.

Cloë woke up and alerted her human when a stranger walked past their bedroom window. Bewildered by her barking and the panic alarm going off, the man jumped the fence into our yard where he was further accosted  by a hysterical Nougat. The rest of us were significantly slower in our response, but once we were awake and aware the panic alarm could hardly be heard above the baying and snarling of the four Bassets. They were quite prepared to have a go at the armed response too just to get a piece of the action. The would be thief was apprehended about an hour later while running down the street, a less than successful night for him.

Cloë is an infrequent visitor at our house and never stays longer than what it takes her to flatten the last of four Bassets. She's a handful. When she came over shortly after foiling the burglary, I overheard her telling Bofa her version of that night. Like all children, the story has become larger than life. But who's to say that it wasn't all true?

... and I said to my Human, DON'T look, I've got this!

I shouted to the crook HEY! Hands up!!

But he wasn't listening so I told him, I'm gonna rip your heart out through your throat man...

He got so scared he jumped the fence...

And then I left it cause I could hear the Nougat had him cornered. Hectic hey?

Way hectic man! I'm floored!