Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with a Rabbit

The Bassets, after having had some recent social interaction with other Bassets, put their heads together and came up with a plan which would keep continuous excitement going in-between naps. They decided to hire a rabbit. This is how the interview went according to the Bassets. (There was only one applicant). I am still looking for the rabbit to verify the facts seeing that I am the overseer of the territory and has the last say in matters such as the employment of bunnies or such.

Horton:          Hello Rabbit. I like you. Are you a house bunny?
Rabbit:           No?
Nougat:         Are you a March Hare?
Rabbit:           No no no no no...! I swear I don't know that hare and neither his crazy friend with the hat!
Butter:            Is your name Roger?
Rabbit:           No, it's R A B B I T
Horton:          R A B I D? I had an uncle once...
Butter:           What's wrong with your ears? They keep on sticking up in the air. It makes me nervous....grrrr...
Rabbit (who promptly flattens his ears): They're Rabbit's ears. Mam.
Butter:           Grrrr... Smart-ass.
Rabbit:          No Madam. A rabbit. I am a rabbit.
                    The Smart Ass lives in the stable behind the garden where I currently reside.
Nougat:        Little white Rabbit. You look somewhat familiar. Do you hang out with a guy called Neo?
                   Human variety? 
Rabbit:         No, not at all. My only human friend is called Alice.
Butter:         We have a Human too. But it is OUR Human. Smart-ears.
Bofa:            Look Rabbit. What will really matter in the end is how well you run.
                   Says here on your application that you once outran, sorry, almost outran a tortoise.
                   I must say Rabbit, you have a lot of guts coming here ... Hey! Where are you going?
Bofa:           Did I just say GUTS in an interview? Too visceral?
Nougat:       Yeah. Don't worry about it. He's neither hare nor all there.
                   Who needs a rabbit in the garden? Stupid thing will probably get caught. Who needs that?
                   Where are we going to find one that understands that a rabbit's job is not to get caught?

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Weekend of Family

We were a whole lot of family in the territory this weekend. Two packs to be exact, plus one new addition. Some reactions were caught on camera.

Welcome cousin Suede!

Mom... There's Basset goo on my head...




I cannot watch this, I cannot!


Dude. Are you going to grow into all that skin?


AAawww common man! Let me smell his stuff!!


Is it your baby? Can I have him? Please?


Gotta hide my toys... where, where???

Mambo had nothing to say. She went under cover.


*Giggle*... Oh no, please, no camera. My hair's a mess! I feel so fuzzy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Contented Caretaker

My alarm went off at 04h00 this morning and the effect thereof was lost on the Bassets. I managed to drag myself towards the kettle half an hour later and started a morning that involved admin, work and a Basset Breakfast. (I’ll admit: not a normal morning for me)

At 07h00 I skidded back into the bedroom still under pressure of the schedule. Only Butter half opened her eyes to watch me, everyone else maintained an uninterrupted snuggle position. ‘Sleep well beloved’ I thought, ‘I’ll take care of this.’