Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with a Rabbit

The Bassets, after having had some recent social interaction with other Bassets, put their heads together and came up with a plan which would keep continuous excitement going in-between naps. They decided to hire a rabbit. This is how the interview went according to the Bassets. (There was only one applicant). I am still looking for the rabbit to verify the facts seeing that I am the overseer of the territory and has the last say in matters such as the employment of bunnies or such.

Horton:          Hello Rabbit. I like you. Are you a house bunny?
Rabbit:           No?
Nougat:         Are you a March Hare?
Rabbit:           No no no no no...! I swear I don't know that hare and neither his crazy friend with the hat!
Butter:            Is your name Roger?
Rabbit:           No, it's R A B B I T
Horton:          R A B I D? I had an uncle once...
Butter:           What's wrong with your ears? They keep on sticking up in the air. It makes me nervous....grrrr...
Rabbit (who promptly flattens his ears): They're Rabbit's ears. Mam.
Butter:           Grrrr... Smart-ass.
Rabbit:          No Madam. A rabbit. I am a rabbit.
                    The Smart Ass lives in the stable behind the garden where I currently reside.
Nougat:        Little white Rabbit. You look somewhat familiar. Do you hang out with a guy called Neo?
                   Human variety? 
Rabbit:         No, not at all. My only human friend is called Alice.
Butter:         We have a Human too. But it is OUR Human. Smart-ears.
Bofa:            Look Rabbit. What will really matter in the end is how well you run.
                   Says here on your application that you once outran, sorry, almost outran a tortoise.
                   I must say Rabbit, you have a lot of guts coming here ... Hey! Where are you going?
Bofa:           Did I just say GUTS in an interview? Too visceral?
Nougat:       Yeah. Don't worry about it. He's neither hare nor all there.
                   Who needs a rabbit in the garden? Stupid thing will probably get caught. Who needs that?
                   Where are we going to find one that understands that a rabbit's job is not to get caught?


Elize said...

Creative overdrive? Very very cute.

Charlie said...

Hee Hee! We bassets are funny!